Monday, January 19, 2009

Glance Skin Sale

So a long time ago a wonderful lady in the FashCafe group told me about her friend that had opened a skin store that rivaled the best in SL. It was called Glance. I went there and clicked the hippogroup and didn't think much of it, bought the demos but never tried them, and moved on my way. Well the other day I got a note about a 25% off sale and had to check it out. Well, I tried the demos and was blown away. These really do rival all the skins I have seen in SL, photorealistic wise.

Now mind you, these are not cheap. Evenwith the sale they are 750L. But if you are into skins as much as I am then these are worth it.

I made this shape for this skin (I bought the one called Christina) and if you want it just IM me and I will pass it to you lol.

And this is how the skin looks on my regular shape:

Different yet equally awesome. Now you should know not all of the skins are on sale; only the ones with the red 25% off sign apply. But seriosuly go check it out, I am not the best SL photographer so i can't show how much they rock. Totally worth trying yourself.

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