Thursday, January 15, 2009

My mom has your shoes.

I think we may be a bit over due for a little dose of hate, and this one is a softy, so don't call the Nice Police on me. As you are all aware (unless you are severely dense) there is a shoe, all to common around SL at the moment. In fact our amazing bff Sileny posted another replica of the shoe just below this one. It's a lovely sculpty, no denying that, and it makes for one bitchin' shoe, but do we need every Tom, Dick, and Sally of SL building the sculpt map, making the same shiny vinyl looking colored (or color change) pumps? No! NO NO NO!

I'm all for reporducing it if it's done in new ways. But, we just keep seeing the same shoe replicated in the same colors, no new textures, made some added studs or bows (which will get more kudos than nothing), and just putting it out there for anyone dumb enough to buy it for 10, 20, -50L, even though deep within your expansive inventories, you already have if not one, but multiple pairs of the same shoe....

I know some of you reading this are thinking "Well shit, I was going to make some too.." No, go ahead, just don't do the same thing half of the grid has already done. Put some kick in those.. kicks.. make it different, give everyone something actually worth obtaining. I dig the shoe, it's a fabulous sculpt, but not when everyone and their cousins best friend are replicating it over, and over, and over... and over again. Enough! Let's see something new, something different, something mind boggling!


jenniewren writer said...

OMG finally!!! i thought maybe it was just me.. or maybe just me being snarkilicious, cos i have a tendency to be so.. but yay i'm not alone!!! and it's not just the classic heel - it's that shiny vinyl ankle bootie too - they all look essentially the same with ppl putting extra bits on them. Which don't get me wrong, i have a few from different designers, but C'MON really??

Prudence said...

Yes, they are EVERYWHERE! And the worst part is people keep buying them as if they are a hot new thing, they aren't, kids!

Trickett said...

They're a really high selling full-perm sculpt on SLExchange by Freyr Blades, I think. He also does the ankle-bootie ones.
I don't know why you'd shell out $15 or whatever it is for them and sell as-is if you know there's identical pairs for free in every store so I expect them to die down. x: Maybe there was a sale on them at some point?

sileny said...

hey, I'll keep getting the free ones :P But yeah, totally won't pay for them if they haven't done anything cool to them. I do REALLY love the shape though, so if someone does an awesome texture and cool extra bits I am all about buying them.

Anonymous said...

I only have 3 minutes left untill I have to begin my work, I shoul go and find my keys...but I can't. I am a shoemaker, one that really makes them different each time. I put 2 prize chairs set to give sandals and boots after 10 minutes (they are quite expensive in the shelves and they will stay there and look at every piece), I also have an Advent calendar for january...people come, stay there for HOURS (they are 17 gifts in my Calendar and they are allowed to open boxes on the floor, then they have to resize the footwear and the accesories...that's at least 20 minutes), but nobody have a seat for my luxury sandals or boots. I offer all the 3 collections of shoes to the person who will be able to tell me WHY they do not have a seat on a prize chair in the meantime?

2408 Alekseev
(you can IM me in-world)
24 Shoo-Shoes, Limburg