Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Strike a DEAL.

First off, this post isn't really about the clothes, so don't get confused. However, Ding from Dlist TP'd me to Miu to flip the chair, and I don't know if it's new, old, blogged, or what not but this cute skirt was in it. Also, there is a really cute T-shirt set in it and an ice skating outfit Wren previously blogged. You should all go stalk that chair and help Ding get the T-shirt set, she really wants it!

(Just a note, this pose is perfect for fellow bloggers, when needing to cover ourselves.)

Okay, on to what this post is really about. As you have all probably noticed me talking about a store called On The Cover, I was hoping to cover it's official grand opening, but I missed out, so this is me making up for that. Mashi has been cranking out wonderful poses and recently added two new dollarbies! I previously blogged her Juno freebie, now she has two others. The above photo has one of them; []On The Cover[] PB Amanda Beard. Below is; []On The Cover[] Lauryn Hill.

Also, in this photo my top is from Mischief, where there is a platform loaded with cut priced items.

While I went to grab her newest cheapies, I of course looked at her latest poses, and I couldn't resist. Her playboy ones are fabulous. Before you think "Oh that must mean they are adult poses." No, they aren't. Mashi recreates magazine covers, not porn, ha! I may have a bias, but I think Mashi does great work for being so new to her trade.

Pose - []On The Cover[] PB Irish McCalla - 75L

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