Friday, January 16, 2009

LeeZu! + On The Cover

When you put LeeZu Baxter, and Sale in one sentence, I could just fuzz myself. (Don't ask.) What gets better is when you put those two words together with the word Corset, and the amount 10L! That's right, miss Baxter is having a 10L sale on all of her divine corsets, and man you know I love corsets and LBD. In the words of our own Wren, I DIED. I restricted myself to only a handful of them though. I also TP'd Wrenny along, which I think was just a great idea. She's not a LeeZu shopper like I am, but I think I changed her for the better because she not only bought a shit-ton of corsets (More than me!) but she actually bought non-sale items, and loves them. I suggest you all go shop LBD and LOVE LBD because LBD loves you!

Left to right;
LBD CorsetBaroqueRed - 10L
LBD Corset Plierwhite - 10L
LBD CorsetBaroqueBlue - 10L

*The corsets are sold as only an underbust jacket layer. In the photo above photo, on the left and right, I have on two different LeeZu! tops that fit perfectly with the corset. They are LBD LeafWhite Top, LBD LeafGrey Top. You can buy the same tops to go with your corsets for 40L, as a 3 pack. One not shown. In the middle photo, my top is a tank top from Sprawl, not free.

Left to Right;
LBD CorsetBaroqueLila
LBD CorsetLilaSolo
LBD Corset Plierpink

*The corsets are sold as only an underbust jacket layer. In the photo above Wrenja has on a lace top that can be found in the set that is in the chair at Wretched Dollies.

On another note, my dear Mashimaro Oh just opened up a store called On The Cover, where she brings magazine covers, art, and other recognizable cover shot standing to life in SL. Her store opened only hours ago and she's been working her ass off. A builder on whim, and talented by heart, I'm proud to call her a friend, and so stunned to see all she's acomplished in so little time, and how much effort she's put into it. So please, go check out On The Cover, take friends, take strangers! Grab her awesome Juno freebie on the wall while you are there, and show her your appreciation, as she deserves it!

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sileny said...

Yay for Mashi!! LOVE!