Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss Priss & CBW!

Ok, so a bunch of stuffs in one.

New subscribo get of an UNRELEASED skin at *CBW* (Custom Body Works). Also gorgeous past free skins int he subscribo history. Make sure to leave feedback for the creator on this skin!

Also, and oldie but a goodie at Miss Priss. Most have probably seen these, but these free panties and strapless bra are fun and worth getting if you don't have them. Plus I want to show off my cool undies I bought :P

Look at my undies I bought there!!! They were cheap too! I don't remember how much, but it wasn't a ton. There are also some hilarious freebies at Miss Priss, like a...umm...wearable tampon XD
EDIT: I forgot to show you the Barbie av at Miss Priss. Here it is:

LOOK AT THE SKIN! Again, an oldie, but i know there are a lot of newer people who read this blog so i am showing it anyway.
ignore the picture quality..i can't edit atm.

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