Wednesday, January 28, 2009

*CBW* New Gift!

Today is the most awesome skin day ever. Anyway.

Custom Body Works (*CBW*) sent out ANOTHER skin in their subscribo. It is super cute with hearts and awesome.

And ALL of the past subscribo gifts are still available :O Check them out here:

Well, the one with the neutral lips and smokey eyes on the upper right is an item camp. 100 minutes will get you your choice of several different makeups, and in my opinion is totally worth the time. Buy some stuff too while you are there! on my stump for a second..PLEASE BUY STUFF. So many shops are closing in SL and it is getting really heartbreaking. So like if there is a store you really like and you have been putting off a purchase, now is the time. Show the people who keep your av beautiful for free some Linden love. Even if you have like 5L to spare, drop it in a tip cup or something. Now is the time and we all can make a difference! Go splurge! No where on the planet is it easier to splurge than in SL..five RL dollars can get you some major awesome in SL. :D

OK, off of stump now.

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