Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hatpins (and Durex :O )

Elliandra IM'd me in appreciation of my pink post before this one, and put on a mini fashion show for me. Sadly, something was up with my settings when taking the photos for this post, but nonetheless Elli was an outstanding model. You doll you. She was gushing over Hatpins. If you haven't been, they provide wonderfully made hats, among other accesories. Below is the latest group gift and newest dollarbie. The LC has some other gorgeous hats in it, and at the Haute Coutour Sim location, there are two 90 minute camps worth hitting. Sadly, I don't have to time to fetch any of it now as I am working my buns off on something big!

Below Ellie is modeling the latest group gift. An amazing steampunk/victorian themed top hat with moving gears. The group DOES cost to join, but it's worth it.

Also, there is a new dollarbie hat out. A cute Poorboy hat.


On a side note, my love sent me a link to a commercial on YouTube, and well... I died. If you are white gloved and can't stand any kind of sexual innuendo or humor, don't click here. (It's safe to watch, it's on YouTube after all.)