Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm a pretty princess

I'm feeling like hell today, but I got lucky as I found a couple of nice gifties in my inventory from some nice designers who must have been psychic and KNEW I was just not in a place to be spending hours on blogging! So thaaaaank you x\

So Lemania Indigo has a special dollarbie for EVERYONE today. Today as in January 31st, today as in TODAY ONLY. Its this beautiful princess dress, and like I said TODAY. ONLY. So don't dawdle, go get it NOW. Its important that you get it now too, why? Because I see you eying the jewelry I'm wearing.
You like it huh? Well, if you wear this dress into Blood Diamond today you can get the necklace and earrings as well! The catch? Like I said, you have to be wearing the dress, and you have to find Endra, the owner of the store! You know you want them. I knew I wanted them, and I'm happy to have them. Same with all of the other Blood Diamond jewelry I own. There are lots of other freebies in the shop as well, so stick around and check the rest of the store out while you're there.
You might also find Endra Here.


Lemania Indigo said...

Very nice and thanks for the blog!

Wrenja said...

of course :D Thank you for thinking of us!

Endra Graves - Blood Diamond Jewelry said...


There's a bit of a "where's Waldo" going on with me - as the completer set hunters hunt me down at my locations. just a little help - i SHOULD be on my home sim, thunderstruck setting up my new mainstore there for the forseeable future