Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fancy Fancy

So I was Tpd all over the place today and I happily went everywhere. It was good too because I got lots of fancy stuff!

I got this freebie red dress from Angelwing which is pretty cute! the box is in the same room as the lucky chairs (which there are a ton of!)

I was also TPd to DiamonX for this dress called "Dance Time" which sure did make me do a happy dance. DiamonX has always been one of my loves and their chairs are always stocked full of different items. Worth stalking the chairs, and worth shopping in the store for sure!

A third lucky chairs I was able to get an item from was at Virtual Impressions. This dragonfly necklace has beautiful detail and i will be wearing it often with my Sanu lucky chair monocle.

Another necklace is this heart one available for group members at Nightshade Designs. Also a dollarbie shape on the coffee table there and still the hidden item on the wall. This store is fairly priced and has lots of opportunities for freebies and cheapies.

So..yeah. Go get fancy!

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