Friday, January 23, 2009

SkinSane Sale!!

So one of my fave skin stores is having a buy one get one free sale! SkinSane specializes in the types of skins you just don't see everyday. One of my favorites is the candy star skin shown here:

To get the free skin, you first must buy a skin then send a note card to Lois Millgrove with what skin you would like to receive for free (of equal or lesser value, of course). I don't normally post store ads, but I wanted to show the huge variety they have so I asked Lois to give me a good picture to show you all:

So pretty!!! And if lucky chairs are your thing, Lois recently added TONS of skins and corsets into her chair. Bring some friends and stalk it! And don't forget the tons of past freebie and dollarbie skins and corsets, plus the 100L sale skins too!

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