Wednesday, January 21, 2009



With some tips, and good friends. The other night while camping the Pink Fuel chair I met a charming girl named Del May who gave me a tip. "Go check out Tigerclaw". I did last night, and upon arriving I died.This backpack is no ordinary backpack. This back pack is... um, FREE! With a 40 minute camp, but, totally worth it, because like I said, this backpack is no ORDINARY backpack. Other than it being a textural wonderland with lots of detail?
When you fly... Jesus christ, I can hardly take it this is so awesome. Check that fucking backpack out!LOOKATITITSGOTWIIIINGS! For only 40 minutes of camping, I can deal, I certainly hope you can.
That's not all though, there are TWO lucky chairs, each with a different skin. They are on ten minute timers, and, seriously, these are worth the wait. The detail on the skins is amazing, and they look lovely on, like, really lovely. Can you hear me gushing? I'm like a breeched dam right now. The skin above is their 'Undead' skin, but to me, it really just looks like I'm a tough bitch.
Oh and there is another camp too. This one is only 35 minutes, and gives you some ridiculous boots. Check those mothers out, damn, I think I'm in love. Sorry boys, you've been replaced. By boots. Its really your own fault, you should be capable of being as awesome as they are.
And finally, yet ANOTHER shining star, this is the Cotlrain skin. Behold its superiority over everything in the land. The makeup is immaculate, and the skin tone? Perfect. I would wait DAYS for this skin, but because I have a couple of boys who love me and sat around helping me clear letters, I had it within half an hour.

So yeah, Tigerclaw is the new hot shit. Everything in that store will be mine, and my poverty will be blamed on Del :[ I won't be regretful though, and neither will you. So git.

Thanks again Del ^^

p.s. bloodied bikini is a dollarbie from Amerie's Naughty in case you didn't know.


sileny said...

So, Ok, I item camped there weeks ago and got the stuff but I didn't tell you because i thought you alread knew. Woe is me!

Prudence said...

Don't post that and ruin her mojo, ass.