Thursday, January 15, 2009

Illuminati Riot Vend Spectacular!

Illuminati has anew item in the riot vendor. It is this GORGEOUS goth-y, kimono-y outfit that I was so in love with I was trying to get the riot vendor going for 2 hours before i got it lol. The price is regularly 600L, but the item starts on the riot vendor at 350L and goes all the way down to...get this..10L!!! I got excited and bought it at 14L, but whatever haha.

This riot vend board is very sensitive so you have to sort of TP people in one by one. And it is slow, so it takes a while. It won't take you 2 hours though. It only took that long because it was kind of broken at first.

Good thing Yukio, the owner, came in and saved the day by fixing it! I would have stood there forever waiting otherwise. :P And make sure to look around the store too. there are new lucky chair items, past freebies, and some amazing stuff for sale.

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