Thursday, January 29, 2009

A-Bomb and BDJ

Ok, a couple things real quick!

A-Bomb had a bunch of cute tees on sale for 10L for a limited time and one of them is only 1L...and i felt it was pretty funny...


And the black color of the new ballet boots is currently only 100L. I love ballet boots so I swooped over to the store as soon as this popped its head into my inbox.

Also today, go stalk the new chair at Blood Diamond Jewelry. The scarf wrap pearl necklace is in the lucky chair and it is just so pretty. I love the styles of all their various pearl necklaces, but this style is one of my fave (I have all but one color so far haha).

OK, keep it awesome.

P.S.- The skin in the BDJ picture is from the Nomine lucky chair, which still has all of the awesome Xmas skins in case you missed some.

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