Thursday, January 29, 2009


Unfortunately today us girls are all busy, but in a quick rush before I head off, Sileny dropped a NC on. Today is the Grande Opening of the village of Petite Chou. For today, in celebration many of the stores are presenting dollarbies. You have to look for them, and I'm sad to say I have yet to actually pick many up as I am late and must leave pronto. So! Go here, wander around and collect all of the dollarbies creators have left out. Tonight I will try to update this before the days event is over so you can decide if you want to go spend your pretty dollars. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Today ONLY for dollarbies.


Wrenja said...

I thought I was going to be busy busy today, and then my film prof called in sick, so i'm... around, till around four xO

sileny said...

yeah i just went and WOW some nice gifts!