Saturday, January 17, 2009

There's no place like home!

I didn't really intend it, I just happened to have striped stockings on when I put these lovelies on. The imagery kind of makes me giggle, even tho they aren't green and black!

Z'tique has a whole bunch of goodies in store for you to claim right now, Including these GORGEOUS heels. These are Zasa's Valentine's gift for you. 1L in the shop!

The details on the shoe are exquisite and the lines and shape, to die for. I squealed with glee when I saw the little heart on the heel. UGH fantastic.

Thats not all tho! There are FOUR items in Z'tique that are marked at 1L right now. I'm not gonna picture them, because that would just ruin all the fun for you! Its not a big shop, I'm positive you can work this one out kiddies. I'll give you a hint tho, check the shoooooooz xO.....

Edit- forgot to add! The valentine's gift comes with a heart necklace too ^^

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