Sunday, May 17, 2009

I <3 Cupcakes

Sale at Cupcakes this weekend! :D

In the back of the store, behind the forest tank, there are racks of clothes marked down to as low as $5L! None of it is over $25L. And there are lots of great little goodies to be had. Sale ends tonight, so don't miss out. There's even a BOGO sale on skins - yum.

Left - *CUPCAKES Plume (Feather Cocktail Dress) - Purple (RG) - $25L
Right - *CUPCAKES Plume (Feather Cocktail Dress) - Blue (RG) - $25L

Left - *CUPCAKES Jumpsuit! - Blue (RG) - $10L
Right - *CUPCAKES Jumpsuit! - Purple (RG) - $10L

And, while I was there checking out the sale, I managed to score this pretty gown from the Lucky Chair. If you haven't been back in a while, they've added more goodies to the chair, so come stalk it! You know you're going to love everything you get at Cupcakes :)

*CUPCAKES - Bows Formal Dress - Red (Lucky Chair Prize)

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