Thursday, May 28, 2009

Patchwork Cupcakes

Save the Tricketts! o:

What has befallen the Tricketts? Will they escape? And most importantly do people really have time to take photos in these sorts of situations?
Actually, most importantly, this is one of the three limited edition lucky chair photoboxes from our very own Prudence Skytower at her new shop, Patchwork. o: The Abandoned Photobox comes in clean and blood-spattered. :3 There's also a Classic Homegrown Photobox in there.
I sometimes use Prue's skybox apartment in my other photos and have taken one or two in her artist studio too so if you've ever been interested in them you can now buy them. :3

The dress is a group gift from the ever-generous Cupcakes and for one week only they have lowered their group fee down to 100L. o:
The dress was released only a few hours ago when I started this shoot and when I thought I was done they suddenly sent out a set of beautiful skins. So I went back into photographer mode and took some photos in the clean Abandoned Photobox.

Group gift skin in Champagne, the second lightest tone.

Group gift in Sambuca, the darkest tone. <3

First Photo
Skin - Tuli - Hope - Group Gift 250L join fee
Dress - Cupcakes - Seduction - Group Gift 100L join fee
Tattoo - The Hunger at Sn@tch - Forever - Currently free in their LC or 250L
Pose - Essential Soul - Protection - 1L
Photobox - Patchwork - Abandoned Photobox [Bloody] - Lucky Chair Limited Edition

Second Photos
Skins - Cupcakes - Group Gift 100L join fee
Photobox - Patchwork - Abandoned Photobox [Bloody] - Lucky Chair Limited Edition

Why do I feel really unorganised? :/

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