Monday, July 20, 2009

the (un)official CSR Summer 2009 buying guide!

It's that time of year, and you know I wouldn't leave you kids hanging. The girls and I got together and cased all of the shops involved and are here to help you make this CSR season affordable and fun. The purpose of this buying guide is to help you not break the bank while affording for all of the wonderful gifts that will be available when CSR starts on August 1st, which is less than two weeks from now!

So, if you've never done CSR before, you want to read this. After that, go shopping! This guide is listing everything that is from 100L to around 150L. If a shop doesn't have anything within that price range, then their section, unfortunately will be empty or there will be an explaination of what there is. Of course, you are free to buy whatever you want, this is just a guide. If you can't live without the 600L sick uniform you love, GET IT. On to the shopping!

Candy Sandals 100L per pair
Candy Bikini w/tiny mini skirt 150L
Barberyumyum straw hat with braids hair 150L per color

iTuTu Garden&Furnitures
Laundry Set - 100L
Branch Light - 100L
Country Road 01 - 100L
Country Road 02 - 100L
Leaf Rope 01 - 100L
Leaf Rope 02 - 100L
Moss Prim 01 - 100L
Moss Prim 02 - 100L
Moss Prim Graunde 01 - 100L
Moss Prim Graunde 02 - 100L
Rose Petals - 100L
Brick Road - 120L
Flowers & Plants 02 - 120L
Flowers & Plants 03 - 120L
Flowers & Plants 04 - 120L
Flowers & Plants 05 - 120L
Potato Vine - 120L
Frame Set - 120L
Fallen Tree Chair - 135L
Ryuboku Chair - 150L
Ryuboku Chair Dark - 150L
No Copy Simple Tree - 150L
Dresser - 150L
Stand Mirror - 150L
Roost - 135L

Giselle Skin - 100L
Vampire eyes - 130L

Uncle Web Studio
Every hair style in the store has the CSR Card
most priced 190L a few marked 210L

Oriental Tea Cup - 100L
Oriental Tea Pot - 120L
Roses vendor- 120L
Teddies in the Teddy Vendor - 120L
3 Tier Stands vendor - 150L
Little Garden Strawberry (outfit) - 150L
Colored dish sets vendor - 150L
handbag patch blue or pink -120L
half boots patch pink or blue - 120L
Long Boots vendor - 150L

Gritty Kitty
Warm Star Lanterns - 130
Trilam Hair - 130L
Cain Hair - 130L
Klaar Hair - 130L
Butters Hair - 130L
Faders - 130L
Hunting Seasons Hair - 150L
Ducklips Glasses - 150L
Honig Glasses - 150L
Hoot Bag - 180L (eh, it's to diefor)

Tank Tops -150L
V neck Tees - 150L
Border Camis -100L
Bare Tops - 100L
Jeans -120L
Marine Shorts - 150L
V shaped belts -150L
Bangles - 100L

Love Soul
-Punk Girl nails 150L
-*Angel* & *devil* nails 130L
-Watermelon series 150L
-*Hologram* nails 130L
-*Charme* nails 160L
-*Soda Oval* nails 130L
-*Ethnic Girl* nails 160L
-*Gothic Doll* nails 150L
-*Retro Girl* (1 &2) 150L
-*lollipop* nails 130L
-*Modern Girl* 120L
-*Glossy Candy* 120L
- Men's Natural Beige nail - 100L
-*Hemp* flat shoes 140L
-*Hemp* bracelets 130L
-*Flare* leggings 3 pack 130L
-*Flare* Cherry leggings 120L
-*Zombie square* prim nails 120L

oleana dresses - 100L
manydotsparka - 130L
loose halfpants - 150L
mouton halfpants - 160L
tirolean cardi - 120L
ladybird tops sets of 3 - 100L
rufflelongshirts - 100L
stripejumpsuits - 160L
beads tunics - 120L
dotdots shirts - 130
tiered skirts - 130L
sweat skirts - 130L
mohair knit tanks - 150L
cotton tops - 120L
china tanks - 100L

d+r_flo-cheS_green + red sets 100L (little tree seats)
d+r_flo-che_L_green set and red set 100L (tree ottoman)
Several Types of Pet Hamsters 100L
Flying Mole 150L
Pig in a Basket 150L
Owl 150L
Mogura 150L
Black or White Goats 150L
Walking Duckling 150L
Nyoro 7-ve - 100L
(Copy/Mod) Plants - 150L

Worker boots (brown) - 150L
Rucksacks - 125L
Belts - 125L


Egg Pack - 100L
Happy Holidays - 120L each
Kanji Mufflers - 120L each

Nothing within the specified price range, there might still be a sale going on where you gave get a few thing at 200L.

Sweets Party
CSR cards are only in the 1k skins, which I do not recommend because they have seams.

Picnic Head Dresses - 120L
Festival Carts - 120L
Festival Benches - 100L
Wood Fence Set -120L
Cheese Set - 160L
Aroma Candle Set (trans) - 100L
Antique Books - 100L

:: Sixty-nine ::
All the new release hair 200L per color pack

Curious Kitties
Nyanotech 09-1A mini color change HUD -100L each
(you can buy the big HUD that is 700L and get a card too if you like)

hairs- 100L each

revun hats - 150L
orilitie bags - 160L
Leynal shirt - 120L
lemnia shoes - 150L
bound ribbon legwarmers -150L
Sarnjyu pvc chokers -120L
Neutrella chibi crowns - 150L
Niaoan hats - 120L
nekochan tops -150L
Gruneko lace neck bracers -150L
Elegant Lace Neck Bracers - 150L
Xavier Pants and Tops 150L each

Nothing in the specified price range.

Flower Socks - 100L
Check Socks - 120L
Bread Family Necklase - 120L
Hotcake Chair - 120L
Hotcake Tower - 120L
Non-wearable Witnermute Candles - 125L each
Dice Tool/Accessory - 130L

Le Petit Prince
Nothing in the specified price range.


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