Thursday, January 8, 2009

Big news from Wretched Dollies!

Star is putting a lucky chair at Wretched Dollies! It has some awesome goodies. Like an exclusive Cyan version of the newest set she's releasing, and lucky me, She gave me an advance copy to show off to you.
One of the best things about this set, other than it just being Wretched Dollies, is that it is CRAZY versatile. Boys can wear it, girls can wear it, in a variety of ways!

The different ways you can wear the jacket are just fantastic, and I was dying as I played with the clothes, putting things together and taking things off, there is so much room for creativity, I love it!

The pants themselves had me gushing, its so rare you find a REALLY nice pair of black pants. The fit perfectly and look amazing, I straight up, D.I.E. Last night Pru spent a lot of time sulking about the fact that she loved the lace shirt that I was wearing, which you can see below.

But that's not all! There is also a hat in the chair to be won, separately of course. It's a skillfully made hat, and of course, it matched the set in the chair. Star also mentioned a couple of other things that might be making an appearance in the chair, like possibly the pumpkin skin and dress set that were in the Winterfell pumpkin hunt (I blogged it, just go through the october archives)
So, now, you're stuck. You're gonna be spending PLENTY of time at Wretched Dollies. As well you should.

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