Thursday, January 1, 2009


Right now if you're in the Acid & Mala group you can pick up all of the group gifts given since June! There are lots of goodies in the package including this cute little Christmas fox.
There are lots of shoulder pets, sunglasses, a piercing that also functions as a face light, and it's a pretty good face light, just to add. There is also this cheek tattoo, you can show off your Toki Doki love if not Acid & Mala.
Looking for a harder look? There is this charming facial scar. I may have gotten cut, but you should see the other chick. The kitty on my shoulder emits snowflakes, like the one you can see in my hair

So hop over to Acid & Mala and join the group! Lots of goodies to be had, not to mention the product they sell is fab.


sileny said...

I want the scar!!!! Gimme!

Clarissa said...

i looked and couldnt find the freebies (r they freebies?)
any clues 4 me?