Friday, January 2, 2009


Oh it makes me miss Japan! Fukubukuro is so much fun, I love that I can feed my fukubukuro desires on SL. Whats that? You don't know what fukubukuro is? Well, it's a Japanese New Year's tradition. Store owners make mystery bags and sell them at an awesome discount. Generally over 50%. Best of all, you can join in on this custom whether you live in Japan or not, thanks to our wonderful grid!

Which stores are getting in on it? Well a fair number so far, but the one I absolutely COULDN'T deny, was Curious Kitties. Now, I'm warning you, this isn't going to be "cheap" (even tho it is when you put things into perspective) but its TOTALLY worthwhile.

The bags at Curious kitties are being sold for 1000L. Yeah, I know, sounds like a lot. BUT. You get 3-4K worth of product in every bag! That's BETTER that 50% off, that's 66% to 75% off! There are three different kinds of bags, Female, Male and unisex, and two colors for each style. I can't tell you what the difference between the colors is, but I thought I'd mention it.

Now here is the most important part. You can only buy ONE, and to make things a little more urgent, there are a limited number. 366 was the count I heard. Now, yeah, there is a huge amount of chance involved here. You don't know what you're getting. All of the bags have clothes, hair, skins and shoes, so that's a start (I'm not sure if the unisex bags have skins.). The clothes and shoes ARE transferable, so make a game of it, get some friends get a couple of bags and play dress up and trade! One of my more generous friends GAVE me two pairs of shoes, and wouldn't even accept my boots in return! So that just gave me more to show you in the end, Thanks again :D
Assasin skin set (2) - 900L
Muzukashe raven dress - 250L
Nyanotech stolenoldainani hair - 200L
Krai boots - 200L

In the end, my bag ended up totalling 3550L(bonneplaide shoes don't count, cause they were given to me, not part of my bag, but they were in someone else's bag, so I'm showing them as possibilities for what you might get), not a bad return at all! So many options too, the Assasin pack comes with two skins, one with the mouth covered, as shown in the first picture, and one with the mask down, shown in the third picture. Will you be as lucky as I was? Or more so? :O You can only find out if you get a bag and take your chance!

Other stores? Oh yeah, well apparently ~Flirt~ is getting in on the fukubukuro party, as well as a BIG fukubukuro party on the Itutu sim. I'm pretty sure the Fukubukuro bags on the Itutu sim aren't limited, so don't stress there, but definitely check it out! Happy New years guys :D

P.S. CHECK OUT THE TOES ON THE BONNEPLAIDE SHOES >< YAY PRIM TOESIES! and yes, they are color change, the shoes will come with a color change hud ^^

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