Tuesday, January 6, 2009


While snooping around Ray Skin the other day, I came upon a strange LM to another shop. I followed the link, and found myself in *Mochamimi* a small shop with lots of different things, including a dollarbie pair of cow slippers.
But more importantly, is the lucky board with this fabulous Kotatsu. A kotatsu is a Japanese piece of furniture, and tends to be the meeting place for the family. There is a heater under the blanket and a table on top, to keep everything extra snuggly and warm. I wish we'd pick up this kind of comfort stateside, cause finding one of these suckers can be a bit hard outside of Japan.

It has some nice animations and is just darling anyway. The board is on a five mintue timer, so it shouldn't be that hard to get, I mean, I managed it, didn't I?

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