Friday, January 9, 2009

New freebies at Cat's eye mall

Cat's eye mall is a kinda small hole in the wall mall on a Japanese sim. I've blogged them previously, but last night I snooped around and found some new lucky boards and freebies floating around, so its time to give the place a second visit.
First up is DCCXXIII a watch shop, they have a new lucky board with this adorable pocket watch shown above. You can attach it at the waist or the shoulder, and it comes with a HUD that lets you set it to the appropriate time. The work in this shop is gorgeous, and I'm half tempted to drop a LOT of L there... on watches!
Next up is this pretty pretty dress that is the christmas gift from the shop Exia. Its hanging on a board on teh wall of her shop, and there are two dress options available. I love the details in this dress, it comes with some lovely gloves, and the fur boa around the neck is fab.u.lous.

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