Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Item Camp at STC

There is a new 10 minute item camp at Sweeter Than Candy! Oh how I love item camps..especially when they are short! This rose lingerie set can be worn more than one way.

With more coverage:

Or less coverage:


Now keep your manners and let the people who were there before you camp first. Don't be rude!

Also the shoes I am wearing are a lucky board prize from Tuli:

They have been in there a long time so i am not going to make a whole post about them, but I have just won them on my Sileny av for the first time so allow me a bit of excitement :p

Update: apparently the slurl on here for stc is wrong...really odd since I made it while I was item camping. /me kills SL. ANyway, until i can log back on to SL, you should be able to locate the shop in search.

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