Monday, January 12, 2009

New Rayskin goodies!

Rayskin has even MORE yummies for you to pick up! You'll find they in the new store on the other side of the pavillion with the ferris wheel. Two new sets of clothes, and they are TOTALLY adorable.The come with all kinds of options, you get two pairs of jeans in each set, blue and black, with matching jean skirts, you have the option for long and rolled up sleeves as well. The details are lovely, and I can't begin to express how much love I have for Rayskin freebies! They are some of the best on the grid.

I'm not normally one for jeans, or being super casual in dress, but these sets are so cute, I might consider it... occasionally. These sets are only 1L each, I really don't know how the owner manages to afford giving so much away! But it must be working for her right? Or should wouldn't be doing it! Go grab them! Noooooow!


Anonymous said...

There is also so much camping you could do there-for 20 min you ponchos for 30 you get a dress poncho. So many different colors. I spent all day there.

Wrenja said...

I've previously blogged all that ;]

honestly, they have something new for free out every week it seems like xD