Monday, January 12, 2009

Riot Fun

So yeah I went down to Nightshade Designs to check out the new dollarbies and TPd Wrenja in to help me with the lucky fortune chairs. She saw the pink shoes in the riot vendor and was like "YUM". So we spammed all the right groups enough to get that place PACKED. But the riot vendor wouldn't budge past 129L. Everyone was getting antsy and someone called in the super nice owner Belladonna to come and fix it. It finally got down to 99L. Totally worth it too! Pink, spikes, straps, even an ankh on the back!

I also did end up getting the lucky fortunes shoes too! Apparently SweetNSexy is my match!

I also was lucky enough to get TPd back shortly after leaving by Hempy to find a lucky chair with yet another pair of cute shoes!

OH! And I also won this skin! And the dollarbies on the little coffee table are these cute earrings and the razorblade in my mouth.

There is also a dollarbie hidden among the regular items on the walls. I won't spoil it by telling you which it is but I will say that these shorts are part of the outfit!

OK, go here, have fun, join the subscribo buy lots, win lots!

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