Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Slow Kitchen have new goodies in their lucky chair, as well as a new lucky chair all together. I forgot to take pictures of the denim cow skirt, but I assure you, it's adorable! But otherwise, would you like a nice hot bowl of soup?
This is one of the new prizes in the chair, as well as the charming calligraphy set shown below. There are some really nice animations that go along with the calligraphy set, I was tempted to wear my little heaven priestess outfit while I did it.

On and by the counter is this cute dress for 1L, and the star bouquet, is a present especially for group members. The stars are kinda old, but still totally cute and worth picking up.

and the ubiquitous Steel Toed Granny Boots from Sentou Yousei make an appearance in the blog, but everyone else has blogged them so I don't think they need a whole lot more time, but they are super cute too.

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