Friday, January 2, 2009

Weeee Likka SALE

I thought I'd stop in Likka House to see what was up, and found myself presented with a SALE 10-50% off of most things in the store! I couldn't help myself, I had to go shopping. Even if Likka House is totally inexpensive to begin with.
Alice dresses, which are usually 20L, are now 14L. But I own just about all of them, so I passed on to the Chris dresses, white shown above. Normally priced 40L, are now 28L. Not bad, and lots of colors to choose from! Even the fat packs are discounted right now!

Most of the newer items aren't part of the sale, but the White and Dark angel Clara dresses are 50% off! That means 50L as opposed to 100L and there are SOOOOOOo cute. Lots of details and so adorable on. There are lots of different options too, arm puffs or fur, etc!
Just can't bring yourself to drop some L? Well, there is also a new Alice dress in the camping chair, its a 20 minute camp!
Just as a side note, the skin I'm wearing is new from Wretched Dollies! Star has some gorgeous skins and are pretty affordable, this one is Porcelain Winter Ice and it comes with snowflake eyes too. If you were in the Wretched Dollies group, you could have won it for free, instead of me ;D

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