Monday, January 5, 2009

Yome Shoujo... one of my fave stores in SL. Another round of note card cleaning led me to these finds at Yome Shoujo. I know they have been all over other blogs, but I say poo to not posting it because of that. I love this store and I want to pimp them out. Anyway.

Hats! Hats! In gift boxes at the main store.

Shirts! In the gift boxes too!

A dress I got from one of the many lucky boards while I was there.
All of the two-toned stockings/leggings worn in the pictures are another gift in the store. Love!

P.S.- Yeah so even though it is one of my fave stores I may have spelled the name of it wrong. I have seen it spelled several different ways. Oopsies if I did.


Anonymous said...

Your landmark is a little off-you land on the ground when it seems the place is high up in the air.

Prudence said...

The store may have a messed up landing point then.

sileny said...

That's weird o.O I created the slurl while standing at their lucky boards haha.