Friday, October 15, 2010

dark and romantic

We're quickly nearing the end of Jewelery fair 2010, and I pity if you weren't able to kiss a certain male vampire for charity the other night. Totally worth every penny ;D. Regardless there is SO much to see, so many exclusives to grab, and pretties to drool over. Rozoregalia being top among them. I first learned about this shop on Fabulous Fashion about a year ago, and have been hooked since I bought the Vinca necklace.

Everything I'm showing is part of the RosenKavalier line for the most part, a frilly, romantic line of jewelry perfectly suited for the romantic goth or frilly lolita. Roses, black lace, and plenty of metal balance the pretty/edgy aesthetic and bring it all together. The first time I saw this series I whimpered because I knew how badly I needed it and, if you don't already own it, I'm positive you're making that exact same whimper right now.

There are a lot of different pieces to mix and match to make the sec special to you, three different bracelets are available to accent the series, and know that they all come with a black or white option, including that fabulous eyepatch up top, which I should mention connects to the piercing in my ear to the right. So fabulous.

Every piece is so unique, while the theme is familiar it comes from a completely different place, like this so called ring below, which fits more like a pretty sort of brass knuckles. ROSES TO THE FACE AND YOU LOVE IT. The chain looks like it could hurt, but is destroying the flowers really worth it?

If you're looking for something a little more edgy and a little less frilly take a look at the Gemma prim nail sets, far gone are the days where Candynail and love soul had a grid lock down on prim nails, Rozoregalia shows that they can play ball and play well. There are two styles available, for both men and for women, with all kinds of ring options, no ring options and just amazingly well made nails that make it clear you are not to be fucked with.

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