Friday, October 22, 2010

Shades of Awesomeness

It's been a while since my last post, so hi again!!! Today I decided to go for a non-Goth look because, after all, I have some non goth clothing in my inventory, and they are so adorable I can't help but slapping them on every now and then.
Here you have a picture with little closeups on what I have on... man that cloth on the ground was so very comfortable on that lovely sim =D

The lovely lovely boots are the Hai boots by Miel, in Red. The amount of detail in them, a usual deal when it comes to Miel, is just outstanding. I never miss a chance to wear those boots.
The Cute hair is Lovage, by Lamb, and I got it during this 50L Friday. A great deal if you ask me. What I love about Lamb's hair is the textures on them, and the feeling of movement you get from every style, they all look so natural too.
As far as the clothes go, I'm wearing a knitted top by MNK*SHOP, and jeans from [AvB], both very cute basic pieces of clothing that can be combined with numerous accessories to create different styles. Versatility is always a plus when it comes to clothing if you ask me.

I'm also wearing black glasses by Cobrahive, one of my favorite accessories shop, and they go so well with the scarf and mittens from Reek... those are a must if you need to amplify your cuteness ---> mittens = massive adorable-ness

Last but not least, my very favorite: The skin... anyone that knows me knows I'm a skin junkie, specially when it comes to hand drawn skins u.u gosh!!! This one is by Rosy Mood, and it's absolutely amazing!! It's from the Mayu line and the makeup is called Bisque/Rock.

aaaaanyway =D I hope you liked my post and this time I promise it won't be so long till the next one <3 (I'm hoping at least one post a week)

huggs and kisses and muffins to everyone!

Ghanima Uriza

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