Monday, October 4, 2010

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the new line for skins from De La Soul, well known for their anthro skins. She's released her very first line of human skins. Female, with male skins to come. Today I'm showing you 'Classic', which I adore, the subtle lips with the dynamite eyeshadow. These skin sets come with three different options, normal, blush and freckles, as well as a shape in different heights and options if you so choose. I have a couple of different skins I'll be showing from De La Soul over the next few days, and in the end show a full review of everything after really getting down and playing with them. So far I love them.
Recently there was a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent fashion show with designers featuring new sets celebrating this House's work. Seldom Blue presented this gorgeous dress with rich colors and more skirt options than a girl could know what to do with. Optional shoulder ruffles, hair pieces and beautiful textures over all I couldn't help but fall for these dresses.

Finally, if you didn't hear, Love Soul has a special Halloween wagon event going on with special deals available for a limited time. Most if not all of the stores have something out in the plaza adjacent to Love Soul's main shop. I couldn't help myself when I saw NALA's ribbon eyepatch. It is ridiculously fantastic, and only 66L for a limited time. It's pretty Visual Kei, which is something I've been kind of over for a long time, but I still adore the dramatic nature of it, and recommend you picking it up while you have the chance.

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