Friday, October 8, 2010

She Rips It Out

On the grid you'll find a variety of stores running the gamut in terms of style and price. One of the most extreme in both categories is the store Violator. A store filled to the brim with conceptual and avant garde clothing, hair, and jewelry is also one of the most notoriously expensive. Each piece is a work of art though, and worth your consideration, if only in appreciation. Luckily, their jewelry tends to fall in a more reasonable price bracket. And you can find them at this year's Jewelry Fair 2010!

Each piece is striking, dramatic, and commands your attention. There is something dangerous and exciting about the pieces most other stores just can't attain in their work. This store was definitely among my favorites showing at the fair, but if you know anything about me, it really shouldn't be all that surprising.

You're going to see a lot of pearls, diamonds and traditionally pretty jewelry at Jewelry Fair as to be expected. A lot of it is gorgeous but few things stand up to the intimidating beauty that Violator brings to the table. The distinct vision that is brought to every piece is expertly wrought and worth giving a chance. Many stores attempt what Violator does with ease and fail. Better to pay a little more and get the original, knowing you're acquiring a quality product.


Zhupan Baby said...

Loved the post, thanks for bringing it to my attention as I'm looking through their selection at the fair as we speak. I also have to know though, WHO MADE THAT SKIN?!? It's absolutely amazing. Tell us! You must!

Wrenja said...

The skin is a Deviant Kitties skin that isn't for sale anymore. It's Gypsy 1 from the Moon collection that came out last year around this time. Maybe if we're lucky she'll re-release them eventually. They are some of my favorite skins, and there were a couple more I wanted to get.

Zhupan Baby said...

I should have known. LOL DK was my favorite skin store *ever*. Thanks for letting me know!