Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Skin Party!

OK, a few more free or cheap skins for you! Alright..less chat more rock and roll!

A gorgeous set from Soft Touch Skins with a good variety of makeups, from 12-23-08, but still in the notices

Dollarbies from SkinSane with crazy cool unique makeups

10L skin from Dilly Dolls with evil-cute makeup (as of this morning the sale was still on...EVERYTHING in the store is 10L!!! I have no idea when the sale will end, but I know it is soon!)A variety of skins from [42] featuring cool eyes and wild colors


Anonymous said...

I am dying to know what shape that is in the Soft Touch Skins collage! Thanks! Nebula Q.

sileny said...

Hi! The shape is one which I made for my friend especially for those skins. <3 making skins.

sileny said...

And by "making skins" I meant making SHAPES. LOL. I need sleep :p

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous! You did a great job! Neb