Saturday, January 3, 2009


Why does no one want a 500L gift card to Katat0nik? Right now the two people who have cast their ballot have a really good chance, why don't you want it? I know I love Katat0nik, Sileny does, even Pru does! Even if she has issues admitting to it.

You have TWO MORE DAYS to send your ballot in, hell if you wanna post it in the comments section, drop me a notecard inworld or whatever, DO IT. Its preferred if you email it to us at littlemisshater at But, whatever. I want replies :| and I can't imagine you DON'T want a 500L giftcard to katat0nik.

So you want the giftcard too huh? Well, you'll have a better chance of winning it if you answer these three questions and get the info to me whichever way you choose, just not smoke signals, I dunno how to read those y0.

the questions:

Top five favorite hunts of the year?

Top five favorite freebies/hunt finds/lucky chair winnings?

Top ten stores of the year?

Don't have 5 or ten favorite? Well fill in as many as you DO have, it doesn't have to be complete, these are just guidelines, just get your ballot in, or you have NO chance of winning this giftcard, and I'll keep it allllllll to myself. *eyes the giftcard*

you realize how hard it is for me to not run off like a mad woman and spend it right?

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