Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best of '08

Well babies, the ballots have been tallied and we have your results ready and waiting for you right here! This was an interesting vote to tally, as there was a TIE for the number one hunt of 2008! I could hardly believe it.

Top 5 Hunts:

1. The Grid Wide Ghost hunt AND the Frolic at Oz!
2. Black Santa at B@R!
3. The Peace on Earth hunt!
4. Trash at Starlust!
5. Love Soul Zombie hunt!

Top Five Freebies:

1. Katat0nik dresses
2. Sn@tch freebies
3. Silent Sparrow LC prizes
4. J's engineer boots
5. Deviant Kitties Christmas gifts

Top Ten Stores of the Year:

1. B@re Rose
2. Katat0nik
3. Sn@tch
4. Deviant Kitties
5. ETD
6. Ivalde
7. Violet Voltaire
8. Silent Sparrow
9. Love Soul
10. Magika

You don't like the lists? Well, you should have voted! You might have won a Katat0nik gift card for your efforts! Oh well, there is always next year. I want to thank everyone who voted, and I would like to congratulate Atriel Starbrook as the winner of our 500L gift card prize! She won in a very scientific way. I put numbers next to everyone's name and then asked prudence to pick a number. ;D

What were the L/H staff's tops for the year? Well read on my lovelies to find out!

Wrenja's top picks

Top 5 hunts -

1. Bricolage Trash & Treasure hunt

This was my FIRST hunt. I dunno if I'd love hunts the way I do if this hunt hadn't been the first hunt I'd done. It was ridiculously fun, and I loved the "trash" vs. "Treasure" aspect to it. I LOVED Tuli's "trash", but Skanks-R-Us' gas mask 'treasure' was amazing, as was the skateboard+AO given by Electric Jane.

2. Sick's Hovercraft hunt

The prize for this hunt was so fantastic, who CARES how hard, or easy it was. It amazes me that this hunt was over six sims and was easier than the more recent Sick hunt on only two sims.

3. +ApplePop+'s Halloween hunt

The premise for this hunt was so FUN. You find keys, battle monsters, and take a few camping breaks to get hair, and parts of the adorable EGL tiny you're sure to occasionally see me running around in.

4. sinDecade videogame hunt

This was another really creative hunt, and it had prizes from designers who don't get a ton of press including Thrashed, Imaginary Fate and KMprod. I loved the different facets there were to it, from collecting bombs from the rogue droid, to running around clicking the pac man icons to get tricks or treats!

5. Grid Wide Ghost Hunt

Not as insanely massive as POE, and a lot of amazing designers, I'm probably mostly partial to this hunt because I was able to get the pink and black Instinct bed I'd been lusting over FOREVER.

Top Five Freebies

1. Rina Dress from Katat0nik
2. Goggles from the Deviant Kitties halloween hunt
3. Cyber Hooves by Imaginary Fate from the sinDecade hunt
4. J's Engineer Boots
5. The cupcake from the cupcake tray at Violet Voltaire's Birthday

Top Ten Stores
*Note these are in no particular order. I don't think I could ever decide among them, hell It was hard enough only choosing 10.

1. Katat0nik
2. Wretched Dollies
3. sinDecade
4. Sweetest good-Bye
5. Nomine
6. Curious Kitties
7. Canimal
8. Sick
9. Violet Voltaire
10. Love Soul

Sileny's Top picks

Top 5 Hunts:

-Magic of Oz Slippers
-Love Soul Xmas Zomie Hunt
-Gridwide Ghostbusters
-D-List Noobsville Hunt
-Starlust Trash Hunt

Top 5 Freebies:

-Skywalker Halloween Group Gift Skin
-Imagen Xmas SKin
-MiaSnow Christmas Jasmine Frost skin
-{bazy} Adriana skin
-SinDecade Paint Box Skin

(Umm..I really like skins..I could make a top 50 list out of skins I randomly chose 5)

Top 10 Fave Stores:

-Reasonable Desires
-Love Soul
-M&R Cupcakes
-Spoonful of Sugar
-xxYome Shoujoxx
-Dilly Dolls

Prudence's Top Picks

Favo Hunts:
S.I.C Hunt
Ghost Hunt
CnS Hunt
D-List Hunt
Love Soul

Fave Freebs:
Truth's Bamorial Pumps
BooN hair from Hair Fair
Magika Hair from all of Sabina's hunts.
Aoharu LC coats
Hoochie boots from CopyKatz chair.

Favo Designers/Stores:
LeeZu Baxter Design
Ce Cubic Effect
The Abyss
AW Design

I told them they could elaborate on things if they wanted to, so don't think that I'm like trying to slight them at all xD. Anyway. Maybe we'll do this again next year, we'll see what happens. Outraged that your favorite store isn't on the list? Well there are comments enabled ;D

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Prudence said...

She forced us to answer the questions. Kidding, but the chosing of the Kata card was blind, I didn't know why I was picking a number until I read her post, so no bitching about not winning it.