Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Three Cheers for BOYS!

Once again boys, this one is for you. Tele over to KMADD and there will be a wall of 23 boxes, most of which contain goodies for men. Emery has a female oufit, and there are some boxes of gestures and accesoriest, but nonetheless a load of free stuff, and centered around men for a change! I have taken pics of some of the finds our Acey modeled, so enjoy!

(Everything below is FREE, EXCEPT for the HOC shoes.)

On Ace
Top - Emery Men - Survive Hoodie black
Pants - SF Design Suede Tan Pants
Shoes - SF Design Black Creepers

On Me
Outfit - Emery Women - Dress Rock & Glam #8

Top - -TONIC- Logotype Printed Tee
Bracelet - :sey "Sephirothic eye" bracelet
Pants - .::MADesigns::. JEANS - Rough Love - BLACK
Shoes - HOC Apparel - Skoochers (dark grey) (10L)

TheZoo - BackPack

Top - Green Pullover

Outfit - Meriken Co.

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