Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deals and Steals (And some ice cream)

Aoharu did a little redecorating yesterday, and reopened the two sims to everyone with half off sale! Now you can get all of the coats, dresses, boots, any everything you've every wanted but just couldn't bring yourself to buy for half the price it normally is, what a steal! I already went on a little spree and promise to go back later in the week.

This sale lasts; 1/10/09 - 1/17/09 (11PM SLT)

On Me:
Outfit - Aoharu - ShortVestSetUP in Grey - 90L

On Ace:
Top - Aoharu - SilkFlowerShirt in White - 90L
Pants - .::MADesigns::. JEANS - Rough Love - BLACK - 0L
Shoes - Katoomi Shoes - Vans Slip-Ons - 20L

On Me:
Top - LBD - LeeZu! Betty Flexi Dress (ONLY the shirt half)
This dress is in store free for promotion at the moment, and soon to go on sale, so drop by LBD and do the contest!
Shoes - Sentou Yousei -Steel Toe Granny Boots Precious Things (Lucky Chair)

On Ace:
Jacket - Aoharu - RidersJacket in Black - 160L
Shoes - Katoomi Shoes - Vans Slip-Ons - 20L

Okay, while trotting around Aoharu with Ace, I went over to Aoharu2, and checked out the rest of the Boutique. I saw this ice cream dress and had to eagerly wait for our own Sileny to log in because if you don't know by now, this woman love collecting food stuff, and what a perfect addition to her collection but THIS:

Aoharu - IceCreamDress in Mint - 150L
Aoharu - Ice Cream Necklace Triple Pack - 85L

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sileny said...

I'm so cute.

AND the second picture with Ace is hot.