Saturday, January 10, 2009

a Wave of fun

Caught wind of some freebies over at a store called Wave, or .:*W.:* so I ran by and when I looked through them, I noticed how cheap everything else in the store was! I had a chat with the owner who was in store at the time, TP'd over Ace and Sileny, and man we went all out. Sileny probably purchased half of the store, and hell, why not? It's affordable! We sent out a notice to LCS and people started flooding in, the owner was so overwhelmed with happiness! It was a wonderful.

Wave's group for Ladies
Wave's group for Men

On Sileny:
Top - .:*W.:*fur-black bolero - 59L
Pants - .:*W.:*J-16 painted Jeans - 59L

On Ace:
Outfit - .:*W.:*G's suit3 - 0L

On Me:
Jacket - .:*W.:*sport J-black - 75L
Pants - .:*W.:*J-F(black) Jeans - 0L

On Sileny:
Top - .:*W.:*fur-black bolero - 59L
Pants - .:*W.:* J-13 Pink-s Jeans - 59L

On Ace:
Outfit - .:*W.:*G's suit4 - 0L

On Sileny:
(For now it's a mystery until she logs back in lol)

On Ace:
Pants - .:*W.:*P-F(cago) - 0L

Top - .:*W.:*cami black1 - 0L
Shorts - .:*W.:*jeans hot short - 0L

If the above wasn't enough, the owner slipped a present in the pose stands she put down moment after I left the store, I ran back, bought the pose stand for 1L and got this:

The pants are 1 piece, not two, and yes they are Christmas themed but who cares, they rock. I'm in love with the shirt the most though. I have a thing for white and ruffle, don't ask. Also, go back to the store in a week or so, because the owner hinted that she would have out even MORE freebies in a week! She is so generous!

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