Sunday, January 4, 2009

Diamonds Are Forever, and Free!

Stop by Fairy Tail's shop at Love Soul and you'll find a new this absolutely gorgeous ring on a lucky board. The ring is so detailed, re-sizable, and is color change to three brilliant colors!

Then head over to Fairy Tail's main shop, and go straight up stairs where you will find two thirty-min camping chairs that are group only. On one of the chairs is:

Also, while you are camping you can correct the assortment of freebie/dollarbies that are across the way from the camping chairs. Also! Don't forget to grab this gorgeous free Opening gift!
Ribbon Set as an Opening Gift

And here are a few of the dollarbie and freebies!
(The bow has 3 colors, Black, Gold, and White)

Earrings, and Necklace!

If the above isn't enough to pamper yourself, stop by Multicolor Jewellery by Lana Nichols for this charming ring that is just inside to the right of a color chart, for ZERO linden. As the name of the store says, it's multicolored with a whopping 80 different colors to pick from.

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