Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quick Hair Post

Just a really quick post to show you some unusual and cool group gift hair goodness.

First from TekuTeku a nice side pony. It's pretty interesting and I love the color. Join the TekuTeku update group and touch the sign in store to receive. I recommend staying in this group too...the items for sale are pretty inexpensive and the group gives gifts often.

Second, Glitter Hair gave out this wild multi-colored style. I have been in love with this store for months now! The hair is pretty cheap and the styles are all pretty original. Most of the styles are also relatively low prim and won't turn you into a lag machine. Join the Glitter Hair update group and check the notices to receive. This is another group I think is a keeper because when they have lucky boards they are group only and they give out gifts fairly often as well.

OK, I will be back later to spread the bloggy joy.

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