Thursday, January 15, 2009



So there is this crazy store called "The Bondage Witch Project" I took note of it when someone called a letter for a... um... 'Bondage Blimp' ... *falls over giggling*. There are two lucky chairs in the store, with a lovely block of ice, shown above. Nevermind how you'd actually get a sub into a block of ice without killing them, but you know, its SL, anything is possible.

There are a lot of other things too, wings, an adorable little demon guy who I really really... really want. And, the fabled.... Bondage Blimp. I'm not a Domme, so I don't have any pets to tie up to it, but its a fun little ride regardless, and there are multiple styles you can get. I have the chibi Cthulhu edition shown below, as well as a blip with bound and gagged girls on the side. Probably won't use that one as much. Anyway, you can strap one maggot spread eagle at the front, and another tied up like baggage under the place where I'm sitting.

If nothing else, these things are FUNNY. And who DOESN'T want to practice S&M in a stream punk setting xD

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