Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is for all those living cheap!

Last night before bed I found myself at Mudhoney just kind of staring at the wall next to the lucky boards while I was talking on the phone. As I got off, I noticed there was a W in front of me, then... another W. It was a magical moment, and I walked away with some lovelies.

You may or may not know that there is a small house in the chair at Mudhoney, its called 'Beach Babe Bungalow' and is totally adorable. Its the perfect small house for your first little plot of land. Best of all it checks in at only 37 prims. Well, once you get your house, I'm sure you'd like to furnish it, well Mudhoney is here to help, there are a couple of cute sets of furniture, including the set below. You can get it in green or blue through the lucky chair. The furniture is darling, unfortunately, doesn't go with the house I'm living in right now :[ I'll find a use for it eventually I'm sure, doesn't make it any less valuable ^^


Anonymous said...

Mudhoney steals textures, A+.

(Uses copyrighted textures as opposed to making their own, or using free-reign stock.)

sileny said...

Hmm. I would like to know more on this subject as i really like Mudhoney and have posted from them before.

I have stopped posting on many places when I found they were using ripped or copyrighted images but I won't with out proof. If you want to post something here anonymously or contact me inworld that would be great.