Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HoH New Release Gifts!

So if you are very new or live under an SL rock you may not have heard of House of Heart. HoH is well known for their creative and plentiful hair styles, as well as the sales and freebies they often give out. Well today they have released another new release gift in the store. Find the signs near the long hair styles and buy for 0L to receive five free hairs! I only photographed 2 because SL went kaplunk on me and that's all i got. But these two are pretty cool!

Don't forget the other free goodness at HoH. In the middle of the store there is an area with lucky chairs and past free gifts. And every demo is a wearable freebie. Yes, EVERY demo of EVERY style is a wearable freebie. Plus they also have have wearable color demos. SO yeah..lots of free love from HoH. And the hair isn't even expensive! Have fun shopping!

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Anonymous said...

The free demos are only blonde though :(