Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love Soul Fishing Prizes!!??!?!

Yes you heard right. Love Soul now has 7seas fishing with custom prizes!!!! The prizes at the moment are three different colors of a cute ponytail style!!! The color I won is blonde and comes with three options: pink bow, cow print bow, or no bow.

You don't need a pro rod to get the prize. She has set the hair to "common" level which means you still have a chance of winning it with a demo rod (1L). I do recommend buying a rod though because soooo many places have custom prizes that rock and not all are set on common.

P.S.- I was there as she was making one of the new prizes...and it is SO CUTE!


sileny said...

Oh and btw welcome once again to my glitchy alpha crazy pattern weird background issue. SL really hates me today and doesn't want me to take any nice pictures. Well screw you SL I took pics anyway. The people want their hair photos! LOL

Prudence said...
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Prudence said...