Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mission (im)Possible

I eagerly waited for the clock to strike midnight when I heard that Enkythings would be hiding a one of a kind shoe in their store. Not moments after I realized it was midnight SLT, I trotted along to Enkythings and started prowling. This really isn't a hunt for the obvious, so take your time because the prize is worth it! What you are looking for is a well hidden box, just one! When you find it you'll find these gorgeously detailed shoes;

Just look at the detail of these charming teal and gold strappy heels. There is even a little buckle on the ankle.

These shoes are EXCLUSIVE for TODAY ONLY. Come 12AM January 2, they wont be available! So hurry and find them, be honest in your hunting, and let others enjoy the hunting for them.

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