Thursday, January 1, 2009

New and Old at Pop Feel

SO I blogged the cute group gifts from Pop Feel a while ago and i have been keeping watch for more updates ever since. Well, I got a notice that there was a new dollarbie so i went and checked it out. I explored the store a little more than i usually do and found lots of good things for you all. most are old, but some are newer. Either way, they are all cute and worth the Ls.

All of these outfits are dollarbies. The bikini is upstairs in the sale section (as well as some cute Oreo cookie pose stands, a chocolate bar welcome mat, a fuzzy shoulder pet, and more), the Kimon is in the store to the right of the main section, and the green dress is near the back wall of the main section.To get some of these next ones is a little trickier. The purple outfit and the 60's outfit are 20L each in the VIP store, which is to the right of the main section. You have to activate your pop feel group tag to be able to enter the store. There are some great deals in there, including a gorgeous fur stole for only 150L that sells in the main store for 350L. The blue treats dress is also a dollarbie, but i can't remember which section it was in. Might be the VIP section. Either way, explore and find it and have fun.lots of cute stuff and good deals. Worth the trip for sure.

P.S.- Some blogs have a thing against posting older freebies or whatever but i feel like if it's new to me, it is going to be new to someone else. I have sniffing out deals and freebies for a long time (and frankly the freebies back then were not even worth it for the most part lmao) so chances are if I haven't found it there is someone else who for sure also has not. So if you see something you have seen before, cut me some slack, I am doing this for all the people who don't have time to find these things on their own.

OK, that said, one more post and I am going to take a break from blogging. I have too much stress in world right now and I need a rest. Hope you all understand, and Wren and Pru will still be here of course so no big deal!


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