Friday, January 2, 2009

More Pop Feel! Deja Vu Hair!!

I know, i know, I just posted them a couple days ago. And I know I said I would stop blogging for a few days...more on that in a sec lol.

SO Pop Feel now has item camps! YAY! 30 minutes will get you this blue and red 1960's style dress and an additional 10 minutes will get you a set of shiny tights in a variety colors ( red pair worn here).

And group members can also pop down to the store and click the group gift board for this awesome purple top which I am in love with. The black top an pants are by Dilly Dolls, not free but awesome!

If you have an extra group slot you may also want to join the Deja Vu hair update group. Their hair is adorable and there is this great gift of pigtails in the notices.

OK, so I am still taking a break from blogging...but not a total break. I found that I can't resist! hahaha So you might see less of me. But that might be a good thing...absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?


Prudence said...

Bitch please, you ain't going no where. You love us, we love you, that's the end of that rubbish.

Sorrowburn Aeon said...

pfft, get yer ass on teh grid and blog me some freebies womenz!