Thursday, January 1, 2009

SCD Blogger Challenge, Sileny Edition

I win the most disgusting purse contest.
See, my purse is also my diaper bag. I have an 8 month old daughter who takes a lot of entertaining. PLUS I have never been the most organized person on the planet, so those two things together make for a junk-filled purse bonanza.

OK..where to start..

Baby toys including a rattling microphone and a sea horse named Frances and Chicky baby
Two nail files for some reason
A bottle of Ambien
Vanilla Mint Chapstick
Stripey Gloves
Baby Clothes and mittens
A diaper
Sephora compact/ gift card holder
Best Buy gift cards
Best Buy rewards card
Keys with many key chains and rewards cards
Loose change
Loose 5 dollar bill
Pens and note pad used for grocery list
Sephora sparkly lip gloss
Pressed Powder
Expired KFC winning ticket thingy
WIC vouchers
Old junk mail with a list of books I want written on it
Bunch of dumb receipts
Expired coupon for New York and Co.
Super cute tortoise shell sunglasses
Payment Coupons for student loans
Random Junk Mail
My Little Pony brush
A Chapstick cap with no Chapstick attached to it
And who knows what other crap

Welcome to motherhood :/

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