Thursday, January 8, 2009

More's Mall

Ok so a while back Ashia dropped an LM to a place called More's mall with a bajillion lucky boards on me. I went and gathered goodies meaning to check them out, but then I totally spaced and never opened them. Well totally I took my alt down there to check it out again and got lucky, winning about a trillion different things. AND i opened them. I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of nice stuff from furniture to dresses, hair, jewelry, shapes, etc. Here are a few of the finds:

Really nice lacey dress

Turntable necklace (actually spins!)

Tons of furntiture pieces, such as this couch, chair, and lamp

Really, really, go and check this place out. The boards will only be up through the 16th I believe. Lots of fun and Bingo camping (I don't know exactly what it is as the note card about it was in Japanese I think, but a lot of people were doing it so it must be cool! HAHA) . And TY again Ash!

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